Friday, June 10, 2011


This past week we have been catching a good amount of juvenile birds! They often look similar to an adult, just uglier haha! Also, yesterday we went with one of our permanent biologists who studies Northern Spotted Owls to see some fledglings. We were told it could take up to 2 hours to find them. We got there and I spotted an adult right away! Then we found a fledgling! They look like little cotton balls! We later found another adult. Pictures will be posted on here shortly of those guys! 

Mourning Dove. Such a handful!

The tail of an Allen's Hummingbird. This bird was born this year and you can use the pattern of colors on the inner 2 tail feathers to determine the sex. Because it goes orange, black, green we know that this is a male. A female would not have black between the orange and green. 

No, the bird is not dead! This is how we weigh hummingbirds. Because of the way their wings move, if we place them on their backs they cannot flip themselves over and fly away. 

An adult Orange-Crowned Warbler. 

A fledgling Orange-Crowned Warbler. 

An adult Wilson's Warbler.

A fledgling Wilson's Warbler. They look so different!

Another shot of the adult Orange-Crowned. 

A female Bushtit. A couple posts ago I had a picture of a male Bushtit. You can determine the sex by the color of the eye. This is a female because of the white eye. Males have a dark-colored eye. 

For those that are curious, this is the type of net we use to catch the birds. 

Me and a Wilson's Warbler!

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